Toy Rant! #WTFU

While I was making my toy prototype for Brandy and Gin (I don’t know I was thinking about changing it to Brandy and Jin what do you think?) and I noticed a murkiness to fair use.

When it came to kit bashing, the art of taking other models or toys apart to make a new prop etc. seems to not be something in developing toys.

If you’ve seen the documentary on Netflix called The Toys That Made Us, in the episode about G.I. Joe the maker from Mego talked about how they kit bashed the original G.I. Joe leaving all except the head and they got sued by Hasbro and lost.

The impression I got from researching online was that it has to be wholly original or else your infringing even the smallest of parts, and it doesn’t matter if you Frankenstein a toy together from other toys, it’s still forbidden.

While I can understand why that case was infringement, if you took different parts from different toys to a toy that is wholly new?

When it comes to art, and what they drilled in us in art school, is Frankensteining different things to make something new is fine but it isn’t for toy design?

Don’t get me twisted I’m not talking about for example YouTube videos using clips and copyrighted imagery to parody or critique that work, while that is fair use it’s not related to my discussion.

Mushing things together is a form of creativity. Linked here is a Ted Talks video about creativity comes from mixing things together and honestly we should welcome it.

Whether that be ripping apart toys to make a new figure or using a song’s bass and drum to make an entirely new song. It should be as long as it’s something new, something different.

Now I may be mistaken and someone could point out that it is acceptable; I really hope someone does. However my gut tells me at best it’s an unwritten rule that can easily reversed at a moment’s notice, and that is shame. However at the end of the day there’s no knowing where you stand, and when you don’t know where you can’t know where you should.

A Toy Story or How Pixelwood Studios Is Going Retro

So I’ve been busy. It all started with trying to customize toys to make another program (hey YT Saturday Morning Cartoons isn’t going to be a thing by itself) and it jumpstarted me to try and make a line of toys for Brandy & Gin.

Let me be straight I’ve wanted to make toy lines for cartoons I’ve created. Originally I wanted to start with Franco Noir, and it was something I wanted to outsource. What spurred me to move ahead of schedule and make the toys myself? Money, and YouTube.

Allow me to explain. I grew up during the 80s and 90s when cartoon- to-sell-a-toy-line was the business of the day. And to be honest, even the worst of the cartoons, had this (usually) creative synergy where at best would spew forth a flurry of weird that was awesome, or made R-rated movies with toy lines (which is a win-win in my book), because let’s be honest Robocop and Predator to 3 year old Willie was a million times cooler than f***ing Mickey Mouse. If you don’t believe that there is merit to this cocaine-filled, capitalist, cyclone look no further to the hangover of remakes, reboots, and regurgitations that Hollywood has been spilling out over the past few years.


Robocop Fun for All Ages!
Images is from Kenner’s line of Robocop action figures found on The Robot’s Pajama’s. 

I personally, find it odd how with internet creators free from the regulations that would make the corporate big-wigs soil their pants in pushing the boundaries, would be apprehensive to try and balk at the chance to try and be this generation’s Transformers or at the very least Jace and Wheel Warriors? Before I hear commenters (or the voices in my head that I think are commenters) complain about the manufacturing costs, sculpting, and molly sorting that it would take to do this (because let’s be honest, real mavericks sort molly, and then I don’t know wash it out with a Tide Pod?) may I remind you about RWBY, is massive enough to afford to make a f***king statue of the titular character, (but not the preverbal balls to make a line of action figures?), Cyanid and Happiness  can make a board game (it is fun btw) but, no action figures, or a knock-off Funko Pop? It’s silly is all I am saying.

Imo, this is an opportunity that is sorely needing to be filled (I’m looking at you Egoraptor. Also I’m not going to lie it would be cool to have a Philip DeFranco action figure to make out with my Batman action figure (that’s for display only!) just for s**ts and giggles (insert phallic Batarang reference here. D’oh!).)


What’s Up You Beautiful Bastard!
Batman-Gay by Un-Monochito

Truthfully, I’ve been trying to find a good way to represent my ideas of the nitty-gritty in blog form, because while I can eagerly talk about what I’m doing to someone face-to-face, it probably wouldn’t be entertaining, not mention you would wonder if I escaped from Planet of Apes.


Behold My Fabulousness!
Image is from Specterman

YouTube has the audience and someone could come forth and develop the loyal enough fanbase who would want to buy action figures as their merch. I have nothing against the mugs and t-shirts that YouTube personalities would want to sell to their audience I really don’t, but come on, if you spend the amount of time trying to find the best vendor like pulchritudinous Philly D does or MatPat, then s**t man swing for the fences! Or else have some upstart like me come in and do it.


Again, Behold My Fabulousness.
Image is from Specterman

This is where I see Pixelwood Studios. Having kick ass cartoons that are epic ads for toys. Who knows, if I don’t f**k this up to baldly, maybe a Philly D action figure with Bat-groping action? I can see the fat stacks now…


Millionaire Douchebaggery Here I Come!
Image taken from Giffy, and Getty Images.

Hope you enjoyed this. I’m hoping to go more into what I’ve been doing toy wise as well as animation wise in the future. Please don’t feel neglected, the time spent not working has been productive trying to put out stuff that doesn’t suck. 

Stay hustling my friends.