FAQs (of sorts) of YT Saturday Morning Cartoons

Currently I am constructing a separate website to be able to host the videos outside of YouTube. Stay tuned to for details.  

Why did you start YT Saturday Morning Cartoons?

Well, to be honest, we didn’t like the state of YouTube the animation community. We didn’t like how animators have to work themselves to sickness, or compromise on making quality animation/ or at least minimal animation. With the decline of TV, YouTube is looking to be where to go for content, that means in order for animation to survive, animators need to band together.


Will Pixelwood Studios own the content I submit?

No. We are not a Multi-Channel Network. While we ask for permission to host, debut, and edit your content, you will still retain all ownership of the intellectual property.


In that spirit of cooperation, we insist you let us know what your YouTube channel, Patreon, and social media is so we can promote it.


Edit my content?

We will only edit your content, in the case of animated shorts, to combine with other shorts as a compilation, and to incorporate ads for other contributors and (in the future) sponsored ads.


Will I get the money from AdSense?

No, but neither will we. Our policy is to not monetize our videos. We do that to avoid worrying whether any of our content is advertiser friendly.


How will I get paid?

This we why YT Saturday Morning Cartoons is a co-op. We encourage you to have online stores, Patreon pages, etc. you get all monies from that.


What do you provide?

Aside from hosting your content, we also provide advertising services for a small fee (meaning we make adverts for you which we cut within our programs. If you don’t have an online store, Patreon page, etc. we will be happy to sell your merchandise on our page. If you need design services for your merchandise we are happy to provide design services for a small fee.


How do you make money?

We are making our own cartoons and merchandise too.


Does Pixelwood Studios own YT Saturday Morning Cartoons?

Sort of. Anyone who submits animated content, is a partial owner.


Are you going to age restrict my content?

We accept any genre or age group however we do reserve the right to age restrict your videos. When we look at your content we are going to ask, is your cartoon more like a Saturday morning cartoon or is it like something on Adult Swim. If it’s more like a cartoon found on Adult Swim (language, gore/violence, nudity, etc.) we age restrict it. If we do, we will let you know, and why. With that said, this is YouTube’s platform, they have every right to restrict your content.


What if YouTube takes my video down?

If that happens fear not, we will also host your video on our site. However with that said, in order to protect us from copyright infringement, if your content contains copyrighted materials that do not meet fair use guidelines, contains racist propaganda, or pornography we reserve the right to reject your videos. We don’t want it.  


Why are you hosting the videos on your website?

Well, this is really temporary, until a more permanent site be made.



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