State of Pixelwood


It has been awhile which is why I’m writing to you today. In regards to the film The Labyrinth, that is on the shelf for now because honestly I’m worried about doing a good job and due to a lack of connections.

Franco Noir, is also on the shelf, but will be coming out soon because I want to gain some more experience using Adobe Character Animator. Franco Noir will require action scenes and to date, fight scenes haven’t been done in Character Animator and well I’d have to experiment.

I am using Character Animator to make another animated show and that will come out soon. It’s a fantasy comedy (well, I hope it’s funny) called Brandy & Gin. With Brandy & Gin I’m going to use as a test for an animation enterprise. More on that on April 27th. I’m going to drop a press release video announcing the endeavor. Thank you dear reader for your time.

Willie Woodward

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