Distribution Blues

So in trying to make Labyrinth, trying to find distribution for it. At first I was all set to take out a small loan to be able to make the movie. With that reality in mind I was always prepared to be a “no-budget” film (even to the point of not really wanting to work with people who weren’t accepting of that reality).

While trying to get this going, I bought  Lloyd Kaufman’s Make Your Own Damn Movie and Sell Your Own Damn Movie (by the way I just finished Sell Your Own Damn Movie today), a book I found very informative, but hard to distill the information to organize a plan (I might do a more thorough review later). Reading Sell Your Own Damn Movie was so disheartening. Why? Because a lot of the methods that suggested weren’t conducive to probably taking out a loan, and more importantly, not conducive to make your next movie, which to me, is the ultimate goal.

When it comes to independent filmmakers trying to distribute their film it is a harrowing task. While trying to sell your own movie is laborious, boring, and pretty cerebral (the Yin to Creative’s Yang), it is as vital as making your film itself!

A good example of this is back in the day, I used to write comic books for artists. There was one artist I used to work with named Allen, who was a superb artist. We would go to conventions to try and sell comics, and I would go around talking Allen up to other artists to (hopefully) get more work. The problem was, that Allen wasn’t willing to try and sell his work. He has celebrity sketches (that were beautiful) which people offered to buy off him, nothing. Then we when it came to trying to sell (his characters) through merch and other stuff, nothing. He wasn’t out to get his work out, he wasn’t out to make money off of his work (so that you can, I don’t know, have your art be your job instead of your hobby), he wanted to hide his work. To me that seems to be the antithesis of trying to put your work out in conventions, or film festivals, or putting it on YouTube, etc.

I believe that we, should not be afraid to sell our art, or to sell ourselves as artists. Is it tough, yes. Is it discomforting, yes. Is it something that I have to admit I’m terrible at, absolutely!

However after some advice from a good friend of mine gave me some direction for how to distribute Labyrinth, so I’ll let you know how that works out when that happens. Bye.

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