Ain’t No Rest For The Wicked

Hi everybody, how goes it? I really, really, really don’t like to complain. So for the past few days I was hustling with my full time job and trying to advertise my film, and it was really stressful, I mean I was in full panic mode. I tried to email a trade publication to post a promotional poster for Labyrinth, and found out it was $1,500 a day! $1500 was something I nowhere near have. As nice and helpful as the ad person with whom I was corresponding with was, it seemed (at least at time of writing) like a non-starter.

However while panically doing research, I found a way to try and market my film via press kit packages (they are also called PR packages and media packages) . I might in a future post put up how to do, but I want to try and make one first.

Well, I got to go. This is Willie Woodward wishing all you aspiring filmmakers to stay strong and get to it.

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