Welcome to Pixelwood!

Hi how goes it? My name is Willie, and I’m a filmmaker. While the previous sentence has been the only line in this blog post I think perfect, I do have something to say. I live in the Bay Area/ Silicon Valley (there is a difference, look it up), born and raised, and I have always loved the “disruptive” or “what if” attitude of lot of the start-ups around here. This is also a big reason why I’ve never relocated to LA. They don’t have that attitude.

This is what Pixelwood Studios is about. Taking that Silicon Valley attitude to filmmaking.  While LucasFilm  strove for that, but never really attained it, Pixar and DreamWorks, descendants of LucasFilm seem sort of stagnant on the whole. Filmgoers need new blood to come in. That is hopefully the goal of Pixelwood Studios.

That’s all I’ll say for now, I do hope this blog post finds you in good spirits. Well to Pixelwood, hope to see you soon.


Willie Woodward




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